Functional Nanocrystals


Nanostructures with controlled dimensions where magnetic and optical properties coexist are most promising for innovative technologies. A major focus of our team entails the combination of chemistry and physics for the development of inorganic materials with potential in diverse applications (e.g. ranging from information storage to biomedical imaging/therapy). For this purpose elaborate colloidal chemistry strategies are employed to control the nucleation and growth of nanocrystals at elevated temperatures, while their multifunctional character is studied by bulk and local probe techniques.


Interacting particles (Coupled properties)

Assemblies                                         Heterostructures

interacting particles

Enhanced or collective magnetic properties have been observed in nanoscale systems made of multiple subunits arranged in a controlled topological fashion through heteroepitaxial connections or self-assembled in cluster-like structures.

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Photonic crystals



Theranostic Agents

assembly of PNCs into CNCs

Directed assembly of inorganic nanocrystals provides a facile avenue to impart a collective nature in application-specific physical properties. In the present case it offers the possibility for magnetically-driven image-guided diagnosis and therapy.



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keywords: Multifunctional Nanoscale Materials, Nanochemistry, Electronics, Photonics, Nanocrystals, Assemblies, MRI, Contrast Agents, Theranostics

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